“Stornoway windfarm can be accommodated” SNH (21 June 2012)

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has advised that a substantial windfarm on the outskirts of Stornoway can be accommodated.

The organisation has withdrawn its earlier holding objection to the proposals, after working closely with developer, Lewis Wind Power, to address outstanding concerns.

These were in relation to possible impacts on golden eagles and red-throated divers in the Lewis Peatlands Special Protection Area.

Lewis Wind Power provided additional information to enable SNH to assess the impacts on the two species. The firm also reduced the number of turbines from 42 to 36 to safeguard the SPA.

David Maclennan, SNH area manager in the Outer Hebrides, confirmed SNH has no outstanding concerns about the development.

He added: “We have worked closely with Lewis Wind Power and Stornoway Trust, our aim being to help them find a solution that meets their requirements whilst safeguarding the eagles and divers in the Lewis Peatlands SPA. Now that the most sensitive turbines have been removed from the proposal, we’re confident the risks to the SPA have been addressed. We very much welcome the close working arrangement we have had with Lewis Wind Power throughout this process. They have taken on board our concerns and have been very keen from the outset to do what they could to address them.”

He added: “Scotland has huge potential in renewable energy and it should be possible to achieve targets whilst making sure the impacts on nature and landscape are sustainable. The challenge is to make sure the right developments happen in the right places.”


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Author: Calum MacFarlane
Contact: SNH Press Office