Project Update

Planning and Location

photograph of the development area

Our initial analysis of feasible schemes made use of the findings of a report prepared by consultants, Halcrow Group. Entitled ‘Economic and Community Benefit Study, Final Report’, it was produced in January 2009 for the Scottish Government with the following key aim:

“to help the Western Isles to deliver economic and community benefit by identifying renewable energy potential, including the role for different scales of energy generation compatible with environmental obligations.”

Part of the Halcrow Report conclusions state:

“It is our view that up to 150 MW of installed capacity could be developed in this area without impacting on (the) integrity of environmental designations, although further assessment is still required to confirm the scale of permissible development, particularly in relation to the collision risk with red throated divers.

Lewis Wind Power submitted a Planning Application and Environmental Statement to the Scottish Government in June 2011. An Addendum to the Environmental Statement was then submitted in January 2012. Planning Consent was granted by the Scottish Government  in September 2012, and you can download the decision letter below.

In March 2016 the Scottish Government granted Lewis Wind Power approval for alternations to Stornoway Wind Farm, allowing for changes to the location of a number of turbines, variations to the planned access network on the site and the height of the turbines.
The variation allowed for the following changes;
  • Movement of 17 turbines by up to 50m and 8 turbines by between 50m and 147m to avoid areas of deep or wet peat
  • Modifying access to tracks to avoid areas of wet peat and a new crossing over the River Creed
  • Increase the maximum tip height of the wind turbines to 145m, an increase of 1.5m

Our chosen location for the project is consistent with the recommendations of The Halcrow Report. The proposed  site lies outwith the Lewis Peatlands Special Protection Area (SPA), the Lewis Peatlands Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Ramsar site.


Download the proposed wind farm location

The following video provides an insight into the windfarm location and how it will look as you drive through Stornoway: